Perfection: A Double-Edged Sword?

— by Fiona Coward —

Perfection – a double-edged sword, driving us to achieve great things but also leading to anxiety, stress, and burnout.

The Trap

Perfectionism often affects those that believe that their worth is defined by their achievements - good grades, first team sport, honors, certificates and so on. Whether it's societal pressure, parental expectations, or personal insecurities, these experiences drive individuals to put immense pressure on themselves in pursuit of flawlessness.

Perfectionism manifests itself in various ways – from setting unrealistic standards for oneself to experiencing constant dissatisfaction with one's work or appearance. If you find yourself constantly seeking approval from others, fearing failure or rejection, or feeling overwhelmed by self-imposed expectations, you might be falling into the trap of perfectionism.

Breaking Free

Our true worth goes beyond mere accomplishments; it's deeply rooted in our unique qualities, experiences, and how we impact the world. Embracing our authentic selves and recognising the inherent value we bring just by being who we are, is crucial. It sounds counter intuitive when we suggest we should embrace imperfection. But when we prioritise progress and small victories, we can break this cycle of self sabotage.

Taking a step back when caught in the trap of chasing perfection allows us to breathe, reminding ourselves that doing our best is more than enough.

Last Thought

Remember, progress over perfection is key, so is accepting flaws and imperfections with grace. Let go of unrealistic expectations and choose self-acceptance over self-criticism. You are worthy exactly as you are!

Until next time, with love and imperfection,

Fiona Coward - BodyTalk Practitioner

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