Intuitive Conversations

— by Fiona Coward —

Over coffee, a friend commented on how much she valued our conversations. Which was odd, as I was thinking just the same thing. And so we explored what it was that made these interactions so powerful for both of us.

Intuition: A Keen and Quick Insight

Trust is vital. It was important to know that we could share our ideas and perceptions without worrying about being judged.

In a world where people are constantly trying to be perfect in every way, it can be hard for people to open up on their ideas and perceptions.

But when space is made, intuitive leaps of understanding occur around the seemingly ordinary.

And the more we free flowed, the more insights and ideas burst forth.

Intuitive Conversations

That initial comment made me think. What about conversations with self?

Mostly, we tend to judge ourselves, compare ourselves and tell ourselves that we're stupid, or weak willed or we don't deserve better. We're hard on ourselves because we lack the understanding of why.

What if we knew why we struggle to set boundaries, why we don't fit in with common expectations? What if we could radically change our perception of who we are and understand why our lives seem so disjointed?

If we could learn to trust the biofeedback from our bodies, understand our personal energy psychology, where would that place us? If we could intuitively understand at a soul level who we truly are, what difference would that make to our lives?

Intuitive conversations are a wonderful way of connecting with our true self. They can provide a powerful paradigm shift, changing everything we believed about ourselves for the better.

Worth thinking about.

Until next time,

Fiona Coward - BodyTalk Practitioner

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“Fiona's practice was highly recommended to me by someone whose health I had seen solidly improve. I was not certain what I needed, except to be 'unstuck'. My first two F5 BodyTalk sessions with Fiona really boosted me up a level. Phenomenal difference before and after. I am hugely grateful.”

— L.P —

“BodyTalk has been such a wonderful treatment for me. When I started I had glandular fever, underactive adrenal glands and was constantly exhausted. After seeing Fiona for only a few treatments, I started to feel better...”

— K.J —

“BodyTalk has taught me to listen better to my physical body. I often wonder if living in one’s head and not paying attention to the messages of one’s body is a cause of many of our health problems. If you seek wellness, I encourage you to listen to what your body may be telling you...”

— M.A —

“The body is an amazing intuitive machine. What I like about BodyTalk is that the practitioner facilitates communication between the client and their body. The body knows exactly what it needs to do to correct its imbalances and to heal itself...”

— J.C —

“Thought I should let you know, I've been the Duracell Bunny since I left you - I've done so much work!!! Thank you!”

— M.B —

“Thank you for the session! I feel quite good, far more relaxed and at ease. I can feel inner peace. I can sense the feeling of how it is to "let go". So wonderful, thank you!”

— K.K —

“I felt so good over the weekend. I felt more confident about my feelings, and I felt lighter and even a bit more creative!”

— R.S —

“Fiona is absolutely amazing! I have had two sessions with her and have found them to be incredibly relaxing, and insightful. I have been dealing with some very stressful events, and the sessions with Fiona have helped me put them into perspective and move forward. I can't recommend a session with her enough.”

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“Fiona @ F5 BodyTalk is a specialist in her field. She truly knows the human body and brings solutions to things that might block you from reaching your full potential. Invest in a session and it will be transformational. Thank you Fiona.”

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