How to Get to the Bottom of Your Overwhelm

In our fast-paced, ever-changing world, stress and anxiety have become increasingly common and significantly impacts the health of our mind, our body and the connection between them.

The constant barrage of information, pressure to perform, and the struggle to find work-life balance takes a toll on our mental and physical well-being, perpetuating this cycle of stress and anxiety. When stressed, our thoughts generate a emotional response which releases chemicals, hormones and peptides into our body. Long term or chronic stress puts strain on the body's systems which can result in illness or disease.

Answers Lie in Our Past

So why is it so hard to manage stress and anxiety?

For many individuals, the roots of their stress and anxiety can be traced back to childhood wounds or traumas. These experiences shape our beliefs about ourselves and the world, influencing our responses to stressors. The difficulty is that so much of our past is hidden within the subconscious mind and is constantly triggered by our environment.

For example, if parents place high expectations on their child, it can create a deep underlying anxiety around performance and achievement. In adulthood, they won't understand why they constantly feel on edge or overwhelmed when performing tasks.

Another common factor that can intensify stress and anxiety, is having a hypervigilant nervous system. From the moment we are born, our environment plays a role in our emotional balance and can leave lasting imprints.

For example, growing up in an environment of fear can create a nervous system that is always on edge. This can make some of us way more prone to strong stress reactions such as panic attacks and a subsequent inability to find calm and inner peace.

How can Bodytalk Help?

Bodytalk takes a holistic approach in that it seeks to find the root cause of our anxiety or constant overwhelm. Through gentle non-invasive techniques, practitioners work with the body's innate wisdom to identify the origins of the imbalances and to diffuse the triggers. By getting to the root cause, even if it is buried in the subconscious, the client and practitioner can bring about irreversible change. Balance and harmony are restored.

One powerful technique used in BodyTalk is known as Cortices. This simple yet effective method targets the brain's communication pathways, allowing for a reset of overactive alertness caused by chronic stress. By calming this hyperactivity, individuals can experience a profound sense of relaxation and relief from anxiety.

Drop me an email if you'd like a free PDF of this technique.

In the next blog post, we'll look a little deeper into healing from past wounds.

Until next time,

Fiona Coward - BodyTalk Practitioner

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What is BodyTalk?
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“Fiona's practice was highly recommended to me by someone whose health I had seen solidly improve. I was not certain what I needed, except to be 'unstuck'. My first two F5 BodyTalk sessions with Fiona really boosted me up a level. Phenomenal difference before and after. I am hugely grateful.”

— L.P —

“BodyTalk has been such a wonderful treatment for me. When I started I had glandular fever, underactive adrenal glands and was constantly exhausted. After seeing Fiona for only a few treatments, I started to feel better...”

— K.J —

“BodyTalk has taught me to listen better to my physical body. I often wonder if living in one’s head and not paying attention to the messages of one’s body is a cause of many of our health problems. If you seek wellness, I encourage you to listen to what your body may be telling you...”

— M.A —

“The body is an amazing intuitive machine. What I like about BodyTalk is that the practitioner facilitates communication between the client and their body. The body knows exactly what it needs to do to correct its imbalances and to heal itself...”

— J.C —

“Thought I should let you know, I've been the Duracell Bunny since I left you - I've done so much work!!! Thank you!”

— M.B —

“Thank you for the session! I feel quite good, far more relaxed and at ease. I can feel inner peace. I can sense the feeling of how it is to "let go". So wonderful, thank you!”

— K.K —

“I felt so good over the weekend. I felt more confident about my feelings, and I felt lighter and even a bit more creative!”

— R.S —

“Fiona is absolutely amazing! I have had two sessions with her and have found them to be incredibly relaxing, and insightful. I have been dealing with some very stressful events, and the sessions with Fiona have helped me put them into perspective and move forward. I can't recommend a session with her enough.”

— T.K —

“Fiona @ F5 BodyTalk is a specialist in her field. She truly knows the human body and brings solutions to things that might block you from reaching your full potential. Invest in a session and it will be transformational. Thank you Fiona.”

— S.V.W —

“Wow had an awesome session with Fiona. You are a remarkable practitioner and I would recommend you to everybody.”

— I.D —

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