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The Paradigm Shift offers In-Person BodyTalk Sessions and Distance BodyTalk Sessions. Learn more about how these sessions work and find answers to frequently asked questions about BodyTalk below.

How do I make an appointment?

Simply click on the BOOK NOW link and you'll be taken to an appointment calendar. Choose the day and time that suits you and follow the instructions. The fee for a session is dependent on your requirements. The range of services offered is under Book Now or on The Paradigm Shift Facebook page. Payment is cash or EFT only.

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How does one prepare for a BodyTalk Session?

Your practitioner will send you a comprehensive wellness form ahead of your session. Nothing is too insignificant or vague: tiredness, pains, loss of physical functioning, persistent emotions for example; angry or sad feelings around someone you love or aversion to certain substances could all qualify. Just think of the things in your life that irritate or slow you down - occasionally - or always! Bring the form with you to your first session.

How does a BodyTalk session work?

Your practitioner will run through your wellness form with you, as well as identifying your personal wellness goals. While fully-clothed, you will be asked to rest face-up, on a massage table. You will be kept informed of the formulas being used. Most people feel relaxed as they are asked to breathe deeply while the BodyTalk practitioner gently taps on the head, sternum and navel, (brain, heart and gut complexes).

The duration of a session is not indicative of the quality of the session or the results that occur. Because your own innate wisdom is dictating the session, you can be assured of receiving exactly what is needed at that particular time for the enhanced communication and balancing to take place. A BodyTalk session itself usually lasts between 45 – 60 minutes. Your innate wisdom will dictate when the session is complete and establish a time when you need to return for a follow-up session.

How does a Distance Session Work?

Distance Sessions are conducted similarly to in-person sessions and afford many benefits. They afford accessibility and reduce the need for travel, which is particularly valuable for clients who are physically too unwell to travel, small children or for those who are lacking in transportation. Or, one might be out of the country or traveling and in need of a session.

The client is able to relax in the comfort of their own home while the session is being completed. Distance session results are often noted by the clients to be more powerful, in comparison to in-person sessions.

So how do they work? Simply put, Quantum Physics tells us that every body part and every cell knows exactly what every other part or cell is doing. Further, it tells us that there is a deep interconnection and interdependence between every atom in the universe and therefore every human being in the universe. When we communicate with the bodymind, we simply use our brain to focus in on the priority area which the BodyTalk Protocol tells us needs balancing. It's much like a cell phone quickly connecting around the globe without a physical connection. BodyTalk practitioners can accurately tune into their clients without having to use physical contact.

Can anything go wrong in a session?

The BodyTalk System does not cause harm. If a technique is incorrectly done, it simply means there will be no result or change. It will not make the situation worse. Your body’s own innate wisdom is running the session.

What can I expect after a session?

Immediately after a session you may, in fact, feel little. You are encouraged to drink lots of water following a session. For a day or two you may need to use the bathroom often, as toxins that have blocked the natural, healthy flow of body processes are being secreted.

During these first few hours, you may notice some awareness or feelings in parts of your body you hadn’t noticed for a while. You may enjoy some new clarity, deep relaxation, or subtle changes in overall functioning. When we begin to feel good again, we blessedly and quickly forget how bad pain and discomfort can be.

Moving so quickly and effortlessly into a healthy functioning body, some clients simply forget that the BodyTalk session they had only the week before is the reason why even chronic conditions have disappeared for good.

Like anyone, BodyTalk professionals like to hear of the improvements and shifts that happen for you!

What are the Balancing principles of BodyTalk?

The BodyTalk biofeedback system provides a Yes/No communication between your body’s innate wisdom and your practitioner, indicating what part to balance and when.

Linking - Good health depends on optimum communication amongst all the systems of your body. The practitioner asks your body which organs, endocrine glands, body parts, or techniques need to be linked to facilitate healing and renew vigour.

The Tapping Procedure - One of the most important developments in the BodyTalk System, gently tapping on the body to get it to focus on healing, has been part of some indigenous holistic systems, such as yoga, for centuries. Tapping the head (brain) to ‘fix’ the faulty communication and the sternum (heart complex) to ‘store’ the fix, facilitates the body’s own ability to restore and maintain its optimum balance. Thirdly, we tap on the navel (gut complex) to digest and process the information or 'fix'.

Exaggerated Breathing - Exaggerated breathing helps your body locate and target the corrections. Inhaling scans the higher frequencies of your body/mind including thoughts and emotions, while exhaling scans the denser frequencies – tissue, muscle and bone.

What professional qualifications does a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner hold?

A Certified BodyTalk Practitioner has completed the foundation coursework BodyTalk Fundamentals of the BodyTalk System, re-monitored that coursework, and satisfied the standards of a Certified BodyTalk Instructor – in both a written and a practical exam – that they have mastered the material and the techniques of the System.

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What is BodyTalk?
What is BodyTalk?
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“Fiona's practice was highly recommended to me by someone whose health I had seen solidly improve. I was not certain what I needed, except to be 'unstuck'. My first two F5 BodyTalk sessions with Fiona really boosted me up a level. Phenomenal difference before and after. I am hugely grateful.”

— L.P —

“BodyTalk has been such a wonderful treatment for me. When I started I had glandular fever, underactive adrenal glands and was constantly exhausted. After seeing Fiona for only a few treatments, I started to feel better...”

— K.J —

“BodyTalk has taught me to listen better to my physical body. I often wonder if living in one’s head and not paying attention to the messages of one’s body is a cause of many of our health problems. If you seek wellness, I encourage you to listen to what your body may be telling you...”

— M.A —

“The body is an amazing intuitive machine. What I like about BodyTalk is that the practitioner facilitates communication between the client and their body. The body knows exactly what it needs to do to correct its imbalances and to heal itself...”

— J.C —

“Thought I should let you know, I've been the Duracell Bunny since I left you - I've done so much work!!! Thank you!”

— M.B —

“Thank you for the session! I feel quite good, far more relaxed and at ease. I can feel inner peace. I can sense the feeling of how it is to "let go". So wonderful, thank you!”

— K.K —

“I felt so good over the weekend. I felt more confident about my feelings, and I felt lighter and even a bit more creative!”

— R.S —

“Fiona is absolutely amazing! I have had two sessions with her and have found them to be incredibly relaxing, and insightful. I have been dealing with some very stressful events, and the sessions with Fiona have helped me put them into perspective and move forward. I can't recommend a session with her enough.”

— T.K —

“Fiona @ F5 BodyTalk is a specialist in her field. She truly knows the human body and brings solutions to things that might block you from reaching your full potential. Invest in a session and it will be transformational. Thank you Fiona.”

— S.V.W —

“Wow had an awesome session with Fiona. You are a remarkable practitioner and I would recommend you to everybody.”

— I.D —

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